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Scandinavian at Heart on an Italian Adventure

The longer I live in Italy, the more I appreciate the fact that Italians are great at approaching life with a relaxed mind. They are masters of slow life and simply enjoying moments to the fullest.


Heart of the home

It’s the place where we create our meals, grab our snacks, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, talk, or do homework.
Whether small or large, the kitchen is the main attraction a few times a day, every day, so why not give it some love?


Restore & Recharge

Whether you enjoy a soak in your tub, a prompt in your journal or a long meditation, self-care means something different to different everyone.

Maintaining your balance and happiness isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, but it might be a lot easier when you have the right items in your ‘self-care-toolkit’.