Born worlds apart, Creativity brought us together

the story behind presscookie

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What is PressCookie?

PressCookie is an online platform connecting handmade and artisan brands with press members, influencers and bloggers worldwide.

Why was PressCookie created?

PressCookie was created because of our trust in the power of media coverage, and our desire to help the courageous individuals who set up their own handmade or artisan businesses. Our mission is to connect and empower those entrepreneurs and their products to the news media, and to make it as simple and easy as possible for all parties to share, discover and connect. Together we can make magic happen!

What makes this platform different?

  • We magnify the voices of emerging artists, authors and creators over mass-market brands because we believe that everyone has a story worth sharing.
  • We live for personal and authentic stories. While we’re aware of trends and their validity, we believe there is room for individual expression and undercurrents too.
  • We have firsthand experience in building handmade brands. That means we know the good, the bad and the ugly of the journey of creative spirits.

Why have you chosen the name PressCookie?

Getting your brand featured by the media (or press) is always a time for celebration. Time to do a happy dance and treat yourself! With our platform where Makers and Media Meet (Mmm!) we are here to make your life sweeter. So we thought ‘cookie’ would be fitting for our name. There are so many different cookies, likewise makers can express themselves in so many different ways. It doesn’t matter what kind of maker (or cookie) you are. You can be a vegan, keto, low fat or a classic chocolate chip cookie – you’re always welcome to join the PressCookie club!

What’s your backstory – How did you meet and what happened next?

Liezel: “I was born & raised in South Africa and lived most of my 30’s in the biggest man-made forest in the world, Johannesburg. In 2015 we moved to the beautiful medievil city, Erfurt in the heart of Germany. I fell in love with this town immediately. Two years later we moved again with very heavy hearts due to my husband landing his dream job  in Amsterdam. We settled in a little town just outside Amsterdam and looking back I know it was the best thing that could have happened. We call it … Paradise.  Since I already had to move my business once before I was much quicker this time round and shortly after our arrival, I started looking for Creatives that inspire me and with whom I would love to meet and collaborate. I stumbled upon Lily Razz and just knew that I had to contact Zerlina. Nervously I did so, and invited her for breakfast… and now we have been having breakfast dates every month for three years in a row.


About PressCookie

Zerlina: “My roots lie in the Philipines and Indonesia, but I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I was not very happy working a 9 to 5 job for an international company, so I started my creative business Lily Razz (now renamed Dreamy Patterns) during evening hours. Then one day I received a very nice email from Liezel, a fellow Creative who had just moved to the Netherlands. She suggested to have a cup of coffee together, to chat about our creative businesses and to see whether we could do a collaboration of some sort. I’ve always liked collaborating with others, but it’s not always that easy to find another Creative that’s a match. Through our joined giveaway we both grew our customer base, and it is very nice to talk to another Creative who understands what it likes to start up a handmade business. I truly think creatives sometimes underestimate their power”

We realized what can be gained by joining forces and sharing knowledge with each other. But we were both looking for a (affordable) way on to get exposure for our brands. How to be discovered by the ones who can amplify your reach? It didn’t happen overnight, but we came to the conclusion that we needed to build what we were looking for ourselves. With PressCookie we want to help other handmade & artisan businesses magnify their stories by finding great connections and building their network. Lots of coffees, sales, laughs and media features after our first coffee together, we can wholeheartedly say “do not underestimate the power of a good connection, you never know what it might bring!” 

What do you see for the future?

Our online community is here to encourage, inspire, and empower. Together with the media we can expand people’s perspectives about handmakers and artisans and ignite powerful growth for businesses around the globe. The future of the creative businesses is here—and it’s ours for the taking. Join forces with us as we work together to build a platform to get your business seen and discovered, so that you can grow the dream business you want, need, and deserve.

Thanks for spending your time learning more about us.
Come say hi—we may be future collaborators, partners, or friends!

Excited to try PressCookie for yourself? Register here. Once you do, you’ll be able to share, discover and make the connection you desire.

And if you have any questions, we are just an email away.


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Zerlina Winkel

Founder & Owner

Professional Daydreamer, Creative Soul, and Animal Lover. After starting my day with a cup of coffee and cuddles from my cats, I’m ready to sink my teeth in whatever project I’m working on. My passion for creativity, positivity, and progress lights a fire beneath everything I do. Suggest an activity that’ll make me experience something new or learn a new skill, and I’ll probably say “Yes!” to it.

Creative Director and Proud Owner of

>> View the Dreamy Patterns Media Kit here.

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Liezel Glaubitz

Founder & Owner

About Profile1 Liezel
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Liezel Glaubitz

Founder & Owner

Creative Addict, Coffee Lover, and Workaholic. My favourite day of the week is Monday – perfect for getting the week on a roll and setting my dreams into action. When not behind my computer or cutting table, I love to cook, thrift, explore and go for evening walks. Youtube is my favorite entertainment and I have a slight obsession with Pinterest.

Creative Director and Proud Owner of

>> View the Match Set Love Media Kit here.

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