Advent Calendar DIY - Upcycle your tins!

This week Match Set Love Creative, Liezel Glaubitz shows us how to make an Advent Calendar out of ‘nothing new’!

TIP: A little planning goes a long way and doesn’t have to cost a thing! Look for pretty matching pieces of wrapping paper that you can ‘bind’ together with a washi tape that has matching colours. More (old) paper sources: magazines, catalogues, dictionaries, maps,  Chinese newspaper … 

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Image Credits: 

⁠Photographer – Lauren Kim Photography

     You will need:

  • 24 empty, washed & dried metal tins
  • Wrapping paper, recycled paper (see tip!)
  • Washi Tape
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Glue Gun 
  • Download the pdf for the  paper lids here, print 4 sheets
  • Pen or Brush to draw on the numbers or vinyl numbers are available here.
  • 24 Gifts / Fillers & extra tissue paper if you like to wrap the gifts with before you put them in the tins.

     How to make your calendar:

  1. Cut 24 pieces of paper to ‘wrap’ your tins with.
  2. Wrap the tins with the paper strips and make sure it is glued tightly and set.
  3. Decorate the tins with washi tape if you like.
  4. Apply the numbers to the tins, or write or paint it on.
  5. Wrap the gifts and fill the tins.
  6. Cut out the paper lids and close the tins with the lids.
  7. Create a nice space in your home, to pack the tins. Keep in mind the order in which the tins will be opened.