Brand & Blog Feature – Part 1

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In this article I (Liezel) give you a real life example of how I got my brand  brand Match Set Love, featured on the EvelyneMertens Blog  by using a PressCookie Press Request. It is important to note that every Press Request is different, and that it is up to the Press Member and Brand to see if they both agree to a collaboration.

In this post I’m sharing my personal experience of:

  • Finding a fitting Press Request
  • Terms & Agreements made with the Press Member (in this case, Blogger Evelyne Mertens)
  • The actual result of the Press Request
  • You can read more about how I shared this feature here in Part 2

Finding a fitting Press Request


This Press Request was posted on PressCookie by Belgium Blogger Evelyne Mertens. After checking out Evelyne’s Blog I new that this could be a great match for my brand. I emailed Evelyne with the following email subject as advised in our ‘how to pitch’ post:

Email subject: RE: PressCookie Press Request – PRODUCTS FOR REVIEW – MOM/KID CATEGORY

In my email I introduced myself and my business and suggested that I would love to send her some products of her choice. This would be in exchange for a blog post containing an explanation of how she used my products, whether she liked working with my products, and including pictures/images she would take of my products in use. * 

Additionally,  I suggested that if she was interested, I would sponsor a giveaway for her new blog as her target audience (mothers in Belgium & the Netherlands) is the target audience for my interior wall decals & stickers, and would provide us both with additional exposure and visibility with this audience.

Evelyne checked out my website and products and replied that her readers would love my products.  We then agreed on the details of our collaboration **


* press requests can differ in deadlines, countries and collaboration terms & conditions. Carefully check whether a press request matches with what you are willing and able to offer.

** (once a connection is established, agreements are made between the brand and press member. PressCookie is no longer involved nor responsible for the terms/details that are made.

Actual result of the Press Request

Collaboration Part 1: Blogpost using the products I sent her.

Tip: I have a 20% discount for new customers who would like to sign-up for my newsletter, which I asked her to add to the blogpost.

You can read the full Blogpost here.

Collaboration Part 2: Instagram Giveaway that MatchSetLove sponsored to celebrate Evelyne’s new blog.

Tip: Make sure that you are happy with the conditions of the Giveaway.

You can see the Instagram Giveaway Post here.

Now that Match Set Love has been featured on Evelynn’s blog and Social Media, I can share this on my social media / other platforms to get the most mileage out it.

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Liezel Glaubitz – Vinyl Wall Decals & Stickers

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Evelyne Mertens – Blogger

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