Brand & Blog Feature – Part 3

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GUEST POST BY: Evelyne Mertens 

My PressCookie Experience

Recently I’ve become a member of the Presscookie community and right away I was lucky to engage in a valuable collaboration. As a former creative artist (I used to create glass jewellery) I know how much time goes into the preparation, creation, and promotion process. This makes me appreciate handmade items even more.

I have been active on Instagram as an influencer for several years and since I’ve become a mom I also engaged as a guest blogger for several blogging platforms. Recently I took a leap, jumped and launched my very own blog . On this blog, the focus is on kid-proof recipes, day trips, reviews and instagram tips. In the review section, I want to give a voice to brands that are close to my heart, such as handmade items, healthy food for kids or products and services provided by passionate people that are pursuing their dream.

After posting a press call on Presscookie it was Liezel from Match Set Love who contacted me. I was instantly amazed by her passion and original products. She creates beautiful wall decals and stickers, which I immediately fell for. We decided on collaborating via a blog post and an Instagram giveaway. I took a look at her website and shared with Liezel which items I wanted to feature. She shipped them to me providing a very fast and thoughtful service. Thanks to the enclosed information and the instructions on her website I was able to swiftly apply the decals to my children’s room.

Channelling my inner photographer I created some photos of Liezel’s products which I used to create an article on my blog and launch a giveaway on Instagram. The beauty of this collab is that it created additional value for both of us. I got a creative subject to share via my blog and Instagram, and Match Set Love got extra visibility and got to use the content I created. Furthermore, we both got more followers on our IG profiles thanks to the giveaway. Moreover, it’s the feeling of appreciation that forms the ultimate icing on this collaboration.  

And that’s all thanks to Presscookie! I would recommend Presscookie to all artisan artists and writers with a passion for handmade products. It’s a great way to create visibility and awareness and look for collaborations that benefit all involved parties.


Evelyne Mertens

Evelyne Mertens – Blogger

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Liezel Glaubitz – Vinyl Wall Decals & Stickers

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