Brand & Blog Feature – Part 2

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In Part 1 we discussed how I used a Press Cookie Press Request to make a connection with Blogger Evelyne Mertens. In this article I will give you some ideas of making most of your feature. If you clic on the images you will be linked to the actual tweet, page etc. 

Tip: Each social media platform has their own ‘perfect’ image size/form – so take a few minutes and create an image for each platform for the most professional looking results.

Remember: To tag PressCookie, so that we can share your features as well!

Website Press Page

Added  & linked the Evelyne Mertens Logo (these links are very important for your website SEO)

Link the Feature in your PC PressKit

So that other Press Members can see where you have been featured before which makes you even more featurable

Instagram Post

Tweet your feature!

Instagram Story


Instagram Story


Pinterest Pin

Newsletter to your email list


Facebook Group & Page Post


Use the Product image in your webshop

mslevelyne product sample

Add your features to your Website | Shop or Facebook Cover Images

Bonus: Etsy Shop Update

etsy shop update

Bonus: Email Signature

Email Signature

Tip: Re-use your features!

Even if a feature happened a while a go, you can still share it again (think of #throwbackthursday etc)

Round Logo MSL


Liezel Glaubitz – Vinyl Wall Decals & Stickers

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Evelyne Mertens

Evelyne Mertens – Blogger

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