Branding Shoot – A Photographer’s Perspective

Interview with Dominique Duvenhage from Hello Love Photography

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Why is having branding photos & photos of yourself so important?

With the boom of social media, many small businesses have realized the importance of focusing on their online presence. Your brand is not just your logo or company colours. Your brand is your whole business… it’s your philosophy and attitude, how you portray yourself to your clients, how you showcase your services and products, your packaging etc. You are your brand!

People crave connection with other people (especially now in the time of Covid). We want to know the person behind the services and products that we invest in. Professional photography conveys a sense of trust and investment in a business. High-quality images support an entrepreneur’s business and personal goals. It tells a story. It differentiates a business from the competition. You have to remember that your brand is a visual representation of you.

That is the whole idea behind a Personal Branding Session – to focus on the business owner’s personality and style. These sessions are less formal than a headshot session, and much more organic than a standard product photography session. I like to think of them as Business Lifestyle Sessions. So have some fun and capture who YOU are!

Makers are mostly focused on having their products photographed and not themselves. What do you suggest to make them feel more relaxed during the shoot?

Helping a client feel relaxed starts weeks in advance of the shoot. I like to schedule a call so we can chat and get to know each other a bit. I also send my clients a questionnaire to find out everything I need to know about them and their business. My goal is to portray them in the best possible way. But to do that, they have to be comfortable with me. By the time we shoot, they have to feel like I’m the kind of person they can grab a coffee with and just gab.

What are your top tips when planning and preparing a Branding Photoshoot for Artisans & Creative Brands?

Get your hair and makeup professionally done. You will feel more self-assured and that will most definitely radiate on camera.

Wear clothes that make you feel confident and like YOU! It’s important to look “put together” in your images, but stay authentic to your personality and brand.

Plan your Personal Branding Session in advance. Choose a location where you feel relaxed and at home. Bring props! Remember that the aim is to capture the real you (not just you sitting and smiling at the camera), so include aspects from your life. Those are the things that spice up your photo session and helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Choose a photographer who you are comfortable with and whose personality you like. And then talk to them! Tell them how you are feeling, what it is that you want from your Personal Branding Session, ask them for assistance if you need some direction.

Most importantly… have FUN!

MAKE-UP CREDIT  Monique | |  Instagram @makeup_bymonique

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