Branding Shoot: Why & How

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What is a branding shoot?

A branding shoot is a photoshoot where you capture your brand, as completely as possible. This usually means creating images for your ‘about’ section. You tell the visual story about your brand, the creators behind it and the message you have for the world.

Why is a branding shoot so important

Now more than ever, instead of just products, people buy stories and experiences. Customers prefer to feel an emotional connection with a brand, and did you know that 89% of shoppers says they’ll stay loyal to brands that share their values? (source:

With a branding shoot, you can tell your story, share what you stand for, give a sneek peak of where and how your products are made. It’s a also a major part of being Media Ready: When you get contacted about a feature there is normally quite a short deadline before publication and having your high quality branding images ready might just be the difference between getting featured or not.

PressCookie Top Tips on how to prepare for your branding shoot

  1. Photographer: Find a photographer whose work you love and you think you’ll feel comfortable to work with. Discuss the package they offer and what they need from you. There are many areas in your business that you can do yourself or on a tight budget however if you can spend a bit, this is what we would invest in. If you feel very self-conscious or insecure, let the photographer know and they might give you tips & poses that make you feel more comfortable.

  2. Dream: Create a Pinterest Board that you can share with your photographer where you pin ideas of the style and looks you are after.

  3. Images: Make a list of all the images that you want. Think of: 1 x headshot, 1 x formal profile, 1 x casual profile, 1 x with your Instagram account, 1 x having coffee etc. 1 x making your products etc.

  4. Prepare: Go through your Pinterest board and make a list of all the extras you need for your shoot (we needed lots of cookies!). Think of your branding colours, or your do you want to include some of your products in the pictures?) and get them ready.

    Decide on your outfit/s for the day and how you want to present yourself.

  5. Where: If you are doing the shoot at home or in your studio, make sure that your photographer can work with the lighting you have. If you are doing the shoot in a Cafe or other inside location make sure that you have permission to take photos there. Also, remember that most of us are not used to being photographed and you might feel a bit awkward in a public location at first.

  6. Be open to creativity and have fun!

“Telling your story in an easy to navigate way can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business. I offer a relaxed and fun photo session where I capture the heart of your business and tell your story. Focussing on the things that make you different and special.” – Vicky McLachlan – Photographer


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