Romantic Wedding Proposal Idea Collection

Romantic Wedding Proposal Idea Collection BY MATCH SET LOVE What Inspired this New Collection? Our very popular Wedding Car Stickers inspired this New Collection of Three Marriage Proposal Stickers. I was wondering about how these decals could be used for a step before the Wedding and this is when this cool engagement idea popped up! […]

The Go Within Collection

It is so hard to choose (because I love them all!), but if I must choose my favourite is the ‘Every cell in my body vibrates with good energy’ decal. I find this mantra very grounding, relaxing, and healing. But there’s is something for everyone in this collection, regardless of where you are on your life journey. Whether you are in need of an uplifting daily reminder or mantra, or if you want something funny to uplift your spirit and put a smile on your face, it’s there. Put a poster in a beautiful frame, or stick the vinyl wall decal directly on your door or wall!

Moss Embroidery Lights art collection

The Moss Embroidery Lights are all so very different. Each one has favorite aspects, from the lush greens to the contrasting colors and different stitches. The most favorite one is always the one I’m working on at the moment. Currently I’m working on one with circular lichen patterns, in a lovely pale green. It will be offset with lots of greens in different patterns.
I am planning to release them one by one from my Etsy store, since they take an insanely long time to create. I send out a newsletter before each release, so you can be sure not to miss any Lights. You can subscribe to it on my website.

Organic Cotton Bedding Bundles

It’s really hard for me to choose a favourite as I designed all the prints myself so of course I love them all! As colour is very emotive it does influence my mood day to day. For instance the Night Garden set has a dark background and feels very cosy and cocooning whilst the 1977 set is very upbeat and happy with it’s nostalgic 70s vibe. My 10 year old son is smitten with the Ferns set and absolutely loves that he gets to have it on his bed…perks of being a Moozle kid, he gets to test run the production samples 🙂

The Garden Wedding Collection

My favourite item of this Collection is the invitation suite because it pulls together all the
design elements used throughout this self-editable & printable wedding stationery set. There
is also a matching Bridal Shower & Baby Shower Invitation available which broadens the use
and functionality of this set.

The Earth Collection

I’m always drawn to warm neutral colors, and pearls are so timeless and classic. They are loved by women across many generations and can be worn for any occasion. So for me, it is The Riverbed – Sand Textured Pearl Drop. Elegant and eye-catching.