Celebrations Calendar

Need some inspiration on what to post on your Social Media, and what images to have ready in your Press Kit?

Sometimes we think that we can only post new products and new collections. But wait, you might have a really great base collection of products in your shop already, just waiting to be touted to your following.

Let’s have a look at our Celebrations Calendar.

An example ...

In the Match Set Love Vinyl Decal Webshop there is a really fun Hello Door Sticker as part of their year-round offering. On 21 November it is the perfect day to pull out this beautiful photo to be posted on their Social Media. If this photo was chosen as one of the images uploaded to their Press Kit, it is important to also tag the photo with #helloworldday #hello, to make sure that it can be found by our Press Members.

Which days match up with your products?

Get inspired by perusing the Calendar below
Image Credit: @unsplash | @esteejanssens
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