Cookie Credits

All you need to know about our Cookie Credit program

You already received one Cookie Credit on the house when you joined PressCookie (yay!) You can earn more Cookie Credits whenever you purchase one of our products.

How can you earn more Cookie Credits

  • Cookies Per Subscription Sign-up

    Qty of Cookies Credits depend on your subscription

  • Cookies Per interview Purchase

    Short Interview - 1 | Midi Interview - 2 | Full Interview - 4

  • 1 Cookie per Feature (if you let us know!)

    When you get featured we would love to know, so email us at :

  • 1 Cookie per Review

    A little nudge for a minute of your time - you may leave one review once every 8 months

  • 1 Cookie per Stock Image bought

    Yes! We have amazing stock images on board

  • 1 Cookie per Creative Brand Referral

    A creative brand is a Artisan or Creative Entrepeneur or Business that would find our services useful and therefore sign-up for a Subscription Package. If someone has already registered with PressCookie, the promotion cannot apply.

  • 1 Cookie per Press Member Referral

    Share the love and invite your favourite blogger, influencer, journalist, stylist of editor to register as a Press Member and join our network. If someone has already registered with PressCookie, the promotion cannot apply.

Please keep in mind that the people you refer need to purchase directly from your referral link in order for you to receive Cookie Credits. If someone navigates away from the link or switches browsers, this visitor will not be registered as coming directly from your invite.

You can invite people to visit PressCookie via email or by sharing a link on Facebook, Twitter, or through any other source.

First, go here. Then, you can automatically share the link using our Facebook, Twitter, or email buttons. You can also copy and paste the link to share.

You may use your Cookie Credits towards purchases of our once off products, for example stock imagesinterviews, press releases or collaboration requests. 

Your Cookie Credits will be applied as a discount. Additionally, Cookie Credits cannot be redeemed for cash or its equivalent.

Note: Cookie Credits cannot be applied to purchases incurred prior to receiving them.

Cookie Credits do not expire. However, you will not be able to use them once an account has been closed.

Cookie Credits are not transferable between accounts, even those belonging to the same member.

You may refer as many people as you like!

This program is intended to bring new members into our community. You may not use this promotion to fraudulently give yourself Cookie Credits in another account. Doing so will be considered a form of ‘shilling’ and appropriate action will be taken.

When someone you have referred completes all of the steps to register or purchase with PressCookie, you will get an email notifying you that you have earned Cookie Credits. You will see the number of Cookie Credits available in your account

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