Cookie Starters

Genuinely, thanks, it's exactly what I need to tick off the jobs I want to achieve for my little brand

“I'm so impressed with the great resources you have on PressCookie, it's that kind of 'template help' that totally speaks to me.”

How does Presscookie work?

PressCookie is an online platform connecting handmade and artisan brands with press members: media stylists / photographers and bloggers worldwide. We bring both parties together and help establish a connection. Brands that want to join can do so via a monthly subscription.

Does this subscription cost me any money?

Nope. Because we are a brand new platform, we’ve selected a few brands that we absolutely love. You are one of those brands. So if you are on this page and register as a Cookie Starter, you can try us for six  months, absolutely free. We do however, ask that you complete your Press Kit within two weeks of registering, and actively use the goodies we are offering you. Learn more about the extra goodies.

What do I need to set up a Press Kit?

It’s easy to set up a Press Kit with PressCookie. You register as a Cookie Starter, fill in your details and upload your images. Once you register, you’ll have access to a ‘how-to’ guide and tips on how to make the most of your Press Kit.

Do I need my own webshop to join PressCookie?

No, your own webshop is not required to join PressCookie. You can copy the link on your Press Kit onto your social media or the handmade platform you are selling on so that others can visit your Press Kit on

What happens after my free trial?

We are sure that you are going to love this platform, and we have built it with you in mind. After six months your Cookie Starter trial subscription will expire and you can choose to:

  1. do nothing. You won’t be charged a monthly fee. Of course you can still use our Once Off Products as needed, but you will lose your Press Kit and access to the Cookie Lounge, Media Alerts etc. 
  2. continue to stay on PressCookie on a Start Up Cookie Subscription which costs € 9.99 (excl. VAT). Your Press Kit will stay intact and you will continue to have access to the Cookie Lounge, Media Alerts etc.
  3. upgrade to a Business Cookie or Capital Cookie subscription, expanding your Press Kit and receive a bigger discount on Once Off products (Collaboration Requests, Interviews and Press Requests).

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