Creating Handmade Products That Sell

Tips & Strategies

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Seeing your creative ideas brought to life can be fun and very addictive! But how do you make sure that your beautiful and handcrafted products actually sell, so that you can make money whilst doing what you enjoy most?

We have some tips for you that will not only help you sell your handmade products, but that will also make you look pro in the process.

Build your base

Just starting out and don’t have (a lot of) products ready to sell? Start building your base. Do your research on your target market, your competitors/colleagues, then brainstorm about how your products can attract your buyer.

Design and create a few base products that are in line with your values and your creative spirit: your brand.

Once you have created more than one product, you can put your products up for sale. People visiting your shop will have more than one item to view, and can better understand what your brand is about. Even though they might not buy immediately, they might see your ‘potential’ and start following you.

Have a look at the trends

No, we’re not saying you should completely abandon your own taste or creativity. But we are asking you to think about how you can incorporate trends so that the products you create are appealing to a larger group of people. Some quick questions to get you brainstorming:

  • Are there certain colours trending right now, that would actually look wonderful on your products?
  • Is there a trendy/popular word that is now being used (like ‘hygge’ for example), that is fitting for your products too?
  • Is there an upcoming trend that matches your personal style and taste? Can you create more products combining that trend and your style?

It’s all about finding what works for you, and how you can get trends to work to your advantage.

Create products that you can replicate

Make your life easier by having at least a few products in your shop that you can replicate/remake. The benefits?

  • You’ll only have to do one photoshoot once, instead of photographing each new product you make.
  • You’ll only have to write an amazing product description one time, that you can re-use over and over.
  • You can create the same product in a different colour, should a buyer ask for it (we’ll talk about giving your buyer options in the next section).
  • You can create stock, so that you won’t have to create a new product each time a product sells, to keep a full shop (you can’t make sales with an empty shop).
  • You give your product the chance to evolve. Got valuable feedback from a customer? You can ‘upgrade’ your product for when you make a new one. Studied up on SEO? Upgrade your product description and tags to see what works and what doesn’t. 

Give your buyers options

One of the great benefits of buying handmade is that you are not purchasing a unique, not mass-produced item. But this doesn’t mean OOAK (one-of-a-kind) is the only way to go. Instead, give your buyers options when they want to purchase your product. If you’re just starting out and you don’t know where to begin, we suggest using a 1,2,3 method.

  • Size: 1 is small, 2 is middle and 3 is large.
  • Length: 1 is short, 2 is middle, and 3 is long.
  • Price: 1 is cheap, 2 is middle and 3 is expensive.
  • Etc.

Buying your product in a different colour is another way how you can give your buyer options. How many colours you want to offer is totally up to you: you can limit the choice to two different colours, or have a full range of colors that buyers can choose from (just make sure you have the funds and room to stock all your colour options). We recommend offering at least one neutral color, like white, black, grey or beige.

Launch your products in a collection

Whenever you’ve personally bought something, have you ever thought: “I love these designs so much, I want the whole set!” That is exactly what you can create by launching your products in a collection! It will also help you:

  • Create different products in the same style, which will create a sense of structure and clarity. For you (in your mind), and for the buyer (when looking at your shop). It will immediately make you feel and look more professional.
  • Create a story around your products: what inspired this collection, when will the collection launch, etc?
  • Create a process of discovery for your buyers — which may encourage them to buy more or stumble upon products they didn’t even know they wanted.

Image Credits: The Sun Stone Collection by Dark & Cozy

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