Delightful Home Decor

Make your house feel homier with these gorgeous lovely home decor finds!

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zigzag rug –

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Reminders of your travels

These stunning prints by Lauraamiss will get you daydreaming about places you’d like to visit, or remind you of the places you’ve been. Whichever one you choose, a travel wall decor piece like this will brighten up your room. 

It's a rug

Who doesn’t like a comfy and beautiful rug? Give your room a cozy vibe with this reversible zigzag rug from Studio Unseens. Made out of 100% upcycled materials, these rugs are made from a surplus as a result of the overproducing fast fashion industry.

studio unseens
Mouse-House-1-Black-LR (1)

Mouse House Makeover

Create a little fantasy world with this cute little mouse house sticker set from MatchSetLove. These stickers can be used to decorate any smooth surface, and taken off whenever you feel it’s time for a new look. Which room will you give a mouse house makeover?

Colours & Textures

This Modern Macrame wall hanging from Teddy and Wool will instantly add an extra touch of warmth and personality to any space. A statement tapestry to make any room look marvelous.


Spice up your life

Treat yourself to these cute salt and pepper shakers from For The Host, so you can get cooking (or baking) leaving your house house feel and smell homey and cozy.

Get your zzzz's

After a long day and stressful day, there can be few feelings more comforting than the warm, fuzzy envelopment of sleep. This cotton Duvet Cover and pillow cases with palm print from Khasto will make your bed feel more comfortable than ever.

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