Autumn DIY - Easy Eucalyptus Wreath

This week South African Lovilee Lifestyle Blogger Karen Kelly show us how to get our homes ready for the Autumn season by making your own Easy Eucalyptus wreath. 

Wreaths are such an easy way to bring nature inside your home and if you like seasonal decorations, a very sustainable way of creating your own. For this tutorial, eucalyptus leaves was used, however we suggest you keep your eyes open on your next walk out in nature or even in your own garden to see what mother nature has on offer, you will be amazed …

TIP: The beautiful brown, weathered wreath is almost two years old. KaRi wanted to discard it and left it in the rain. The the sun came out and did it’s magic turning it into a beautiful golden brown and now it’s a keeper! Perfect to add some cosy, autumn vibes …

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Image Credits: 

⁠Photographer – Dominique from @hellolove_photography

     You will need:

  • Double Wire Frame – Use a ready-made one or make your own
  • Florist wire
  • A pruning shears or florist scissors
  • Eucalyptus leaves (they dry really beautifully & smell amazing)
  • A piece of string, ribbon, or leather to use to hang your wreath with

     How to make your wreath:

  1. Separate the eucalyptus stems into long single pieces.
  2. Weave the branches through the frame starting with the bigger branches as a base. Overlap the sections slightly until they start to look full.
  3. Fill in the gaps with smaller branches, and if you need to – secure the branches with some florist wire. Cut off all the excess leaves
  4. Attach or tie your ribbon for hanging your wreath
  5. Show off your natural work of art somewhere in or outside your home.