Ending 2020 on a high

Creative Entrepreneurs share their perspective

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Let’s be completely honest – 2020 was nothing like we expected when we cheered at midnight 31 Dec 2019.

What was so amazing to see was how the creative community found a way to deal with the challenges they were faced with. If anything, 2020 was the year that has taught us what is really important and helped us focus on our strengths. To end this year on a positive note, we asked a few of our favorite brands the highlight of their year.

What was your business highlight for 2020?

We embarked on the wholesale rabbit hole. We figured that to be able to get our products to more customers we should be talking to other small businesses. So we did, and the feedback was amazing! We received so much support and lovely comments about our work and that inspired us to create more affirmation collections and art prints.
My Tiny Dollhouse business is just over 5 months young. After some delays I finally started my business during lockdown. At first I thought I was taking a shot in the dark but my business has been so blessed. I have had over 100 orders todate and over 300 items sold! The best way to start... is just to start...
As I officially switched vlam · van · an from being a hobby to a business this year, which is a highlight in itself, vlam · van · an is only starting off. Many small victories have happened since then, but the biggest thing for me was when I completed my first wholesale order. It was a huge task and it meant my candles would be in a store besides my own! I had to switch my production process to be more efficient, which changed a lot in my workshop, and I learned a lot about negotiating terms and how to build professional relationships. Since then I have used all these new resources to expand my business even further. This sale was one that launched vlam · van · an into a significant grow spurt into becoming a fulltime job for me, and a real successful brand!
2020 most certainly forced us to rethink how we run our business. Being reliant on other suppliers in the production of some of our products became very challenging. This pushed us into making more of our products in-house and also making use of locally produced materials by supporting other small businesses. We’re definitely ending 2020 on a high note with our new range of handmade linen packaging boxes and these have already been such a success with our clients.
This year has been one big celebration for Ooh My Light because each time a happy customer sends us a photo of their room with one of our lamps in it is a highlight which makes us super happy. In the end, you realise it was our magical lamps that made everything shine so bright!
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