For creative souls could who love to craft

Before I started as a creative entrepreneur, I worked a hectic job for a multinational company. In my free time, I found sewing to be a hobby that helped me break away from the stressful atmosphere at work. It had a therapeutic and meditative effect on me, and I loved surprising my friends’ kids with softies I had made. Encouraged by friends, I opened an online shop, and when my Cloud Softies and Garlands started to take off, I started to focus more on creating nursery decor items to sell. After a few years, I realised it was time for a change. I decided to start selling sewing patterns only, for other creative souls could who love to craft, so they could enjoy the positive aspects of sewing I had experienced all these years.


Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference, a tweak here, a nudge there, or a complete light bulb moment! We asked some of our favourite brands what their top tips are for working smarter and not harder!

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Working on Dreams

After years of working as a graphic designer Simone’s passion for handmade products resurfaced and after making the decision to do what she loves, she went after her dreams.

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Everything started with the Pandemic

Back in March 2020, we moved from abroad to live the coastal life in Southern Spain. As new arrivals and just married we found ourselves alone in a new country and confined to our small apartment, like hundreds of other people around the world whilst Covid was at its peak.

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Maker Motivation

These entrepreneurs share their favourite motivational quote that gets them through difficult days. So breathe, have a cookie and remember that you can do this!

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