Gifts for your inner creative

It’s always so much fun to learn a new creative skill, isn’t it? That is why we’ve rounded up some wonderful DIY kits for you.

Can’t pick your favourite, because they all seem so awesome? Just bookmark this page and enjoy one after the other!

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Your very own skincare

Have you been searching skin care that is less chemicals, more you? offers DIY kits to make your own soap, scrub, lip balm or body cream. This way you are sure that you are giving your body 100% natural, zero waste skin care.

Dried Flowers

An arrangement of flowers that will never wilt, is what you’ll create with a DIY kit from Happy Circle. Choose your favourite arrangement and create your everlasting bouquet.

Weaver fever

Do you have an eye for detail and a love for tiny things? Then this might just be the perfect DIY kit for you. FynBoschDesign helps you create the most delightful and delicate, nature-inspired weaves.

Create your own coasters

Always had your eye on those beautiful terrazzo coasters? Here’s your chance to create them yourself! Badger & Birch created several kits (and one more on the way!) Choose your favourite colours & shape, and you’ll soon be creating your very own coasters.

Beautifully Written

In love with all things calligraphy? You can now learn calligraphy at home, with the calligraphy kit from Wild Sea Calligraphy. You’ll be able to write and create beautifully written cards for friends and family members soon.

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