How to be media ready

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At PressCookie we believe in the power of the media, how media exposure can help grow your business by increasing visibility for your brand. Today we’ll talk about what it means to be Media Ready.

What is Media

First, let’s quickly talk about what media is. Media are the communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information or data. The term refers to components of the mass media communications industry, such as print media, publishing, the news media, photography, cinema, broadcasting (radio and television), and advertising. At PressCookie we refer to the media as Press Members.

So what does Media Ready mean?

By being Media Ready we mean: being able to answer to a request of press members with the required information and content as quickly as possible so that they can mention your brand and create exposure for your brand.

Unfortunately, an opportunity to be featured can be missed very easily because a creative entrepreneur doesn’t have everything ready that is required by a press member. Press members often work with tight publishing deadlines and will move on if they do not receive the required information and content in time. 

That is why having an online Press Kit (sometimes called a Media Kit) is such an advantage. Not only does it make your brand look professional but it makes it very easy for a press member to access your information and instantly download your images. Even when you are having a hectic day, not being able to open your laptop to answer emails, you won’t miss the chance of getting the exposure your products deserve.

What does a typical Press Kit include?

Below you can find a shortlist of what a Press Kit usually consists of:

  • Company details
  • High-Resolution Images
  • Social media links
  • Website / Webshop link
  • Other press-related content
  • Links to press releases & features etc.

Press kits can vary in size, depending on your business, your products and/or your target market.

Examples of how media could feature your image
Featured T&F

PressCookie Trends & Favourites Feature

Simply-sew-magazine-Lily Razz

Printed Magazine Feature

brides com feature square

Blog Feature

Instagram Feature

femelle feature

Online Magazine Feature

Printed Magazine Feature

How can I create a Press Kit?

If you have your own website, you can create a Press Kit page on your site with all the details mentioned above. Or you can simply subscribe to PressCookie and quickly and easily fill in the professional pre-made PressKit. Not having your own website (if for example you only have an Etsy Store) is no reason that you can’t have a Professional Press Kit. 

An up-to-date Press Kit

Being media ready also means updating your press kit to include current trends or upcoming holidays. Press members are often searching for items well in advance. It might be wise to swap your Christmas product images for other product images once Christmas time is over, but to include them again during August.

If you have a subscription to PressCookie, you get access to the ‘Press Requests’ section, where press members specifically put out requests for what they are looking for.

I have a PressCookie Press Kit, where can I link it?

You can direct the interested Press Members to your Press Kit by:

  • mention it in your social media bio’s
  • add the link in your contact page / in the press page / footer information on your own website
  • add the link to your about section in your Etsy/Big Cartel etc. shop
  • add it to your email signature

Always link it in more than one place, every person has different ‘search’ behaviour and might not look for it in the place that you thought they would #welearnedthisthehardway

Have you been featured?

We would love to celebrate with you and share your success via our channels. Remember to send us a link to the press feature at 

and/or tag us on twitter @press_cookie | facebook @presscookie | Instagram @presscookie

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