How to increase brand awareness through blogs and magazines

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This article has been translated from the Dutch Handwerkmarkt article where PressCookie was featured.


Brand Spotlight

As a creative, you’re often active on (at least) one social media platform. This is where you share your creations, discount codes, and giveaways with your followers, hoping to increase your brand awareness and get customers to your webshop. But is this the only way you can create awareness for your brand and products? Liezel Glaubitz and Zerlina Winkel have launched a new platform, which helps you to be featured in blogs and magazines so that the growth and brand awareness of your company can accelerate.

In this blog you will read:

  • The difference between social media and social proof
  • How can help you with social proof
  • 4 helpful tips to get started today

The difference between social media and social proof

“Social media and social proof are two very different things,” Zerlina says.

You are in control of your social media: you decide what to post, what you show (or not show) your audience. You are the one who tells the story.

Social proof is what others say about you. Think of: reviews / references, a blogger who has used your products and recommends them, a magazine that names your product in the “top 10 best Mother’s Day gifts”.

Social proof can be incredibly powerful: When you have to choose a new hairdresser, do you choose the hairdresser who shouts very loudly how great he / she is? Or do you go for the hairdresser who has a lot of rave reviews and has even been mentioned in a magazine?

The creation of a new platform -

We – Liezel and Zerlina – are creatives ourselves and know how great it can be for your brand to be named by a blogger or to be featured in a magazine. At the same time, we also know better than anyone how difficult it can be to take on all tasks on your own: from creating / making to sales to social media to customer service. And that, as a maker you sometimes simply do not have the time (or knowledge) to tackle this part of your marketing plan. That is why we’ve created a community of makers and media at PressCookie, so that it is easier to get in touch with each other. In addition, we share tips and inspiration, and we help you on how to increase your brand awareness as easily as possible, and thus grow your business.

How PressCookie helps

PressCookie is a platform for makers, and offers you the opportunity to build a Press Kit. On your Press Kit you can upload your beautiful, high resolution photos, and you can be found by Press Members (the collective name of PressCookie for photographers, stylists, bloggers, vloggers & magazines). You also get access to Press Requests: requests from Press Members who are looking for something specific, and what kind of article they are working on. Do you have a suitable product, and do you find the magazine / blog interesting? Then you can respond to this. Are you completely new to all of this? Don’t worry, step-by-step instructions have been set up for each part. In addition, PressCookie shares a Tips & Strategies article every week and makers often share advice via Brand Interviews, which has helped them in building their understanding.

Top tips from Liezel and Zerlina

Would you also like to see your products on a blog or in a magazine? Liezel and Zerlina share 4 important tips that you can get started with today:

1. Be reachable

Make sure your contact details are clear and easy to find, so that a blogger or magazine can click through from your website to your social media and vice versa. Make sure you are easy to reach if someone wants to work with you. That you also check the email address you have everywhere. It would be a shame if you miss out on a feature because you accidentally responded too late.

2. Have beautiful, good quality photos ready

Clear, well-lit, high-resolution photos are extremely important to bloggers and magazines. They are not likely to use unclear or dark photos. (Are your hands and nails clean when you hold the product in the photo?) Magazines and magazines (print) need high resolution photos, sometimes lifestyle photos and sometimes just your product on a white background. In addition, bloggers and magazines often work with deadlines. The faster you can send beautiful quality photos, the greater the chance that you will be included in their article.

3. Name your social proof

Have you ever been interviewed by a blog? Put the link to the blog on your website. Do you have a positive review that you are very proud of? Then use it. For example, put the text in an image and post it on social media or use it last with your product photos on your webshop. Do not be afraid to mention it again, even if you have already shared it. Not everyone sees everything you post on social media. Or think of all the new followers you have gained in the past six months – have they seen it yet?

4. Don't be afraid of another language

Some makers find it scary to be mentioned by magazines/blogs in a language other than their native language. They think that this immediately means that you have to start selling internationally. “This is of course not true,” say Liezel and Zerlina. “You decide what is good for your business”. Worst case scenario, you’ve been mentioned in an English (or in Zerlina’s case, Arabic!) Article and more people will see your product. Always a nice compliment. At best, a Dutch magazine will find your products very interesting now that you are “internationally featured”. English speaking cannot hurt, and who knows, it might open doors for the future.

Curious about PressCookie and how they can help you? Then take a look at the website

Zerlina and her company Dreamy Patterns have been featured in: Homespun Magazine Australia, Simply Sewing Magazine, and and more.

Liezel and her company have been featured MatchSetLove in: Discover Benelux Magazine, Brides Magazine, Wedding Inspirations Magazine, and more.

Handwerkmarkt - PressCookie

Liezel and Zerlina and their company have been featured in:,, and Handwerkmarkt.

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