How to pitch to the press

Found an amazing press request and you'd like to reply?

Below is a template to copy and paste – just fill in your the correct details inside [the brackets].

You can always change it up, see what works for you. This is just to get you started. Happy pitching!

Email Subject:

PressCookie Press Request – [Press Request Subject Title here]

Square Magazine

Email Content:

Hello [Name],

My name is [your name here], I am the [your title] of [your company]. I saw your PressCookie Press Request looking for [subject here], and wanted to respond because [add a few words relevant to the query].

Some more information about me and my brand:
[1-3 paragraphs with information about you and your brand]

Let me know if you have any other questions or require more information, I’m happy to answer them ASAP. Should you decide to include me in your article and let me know when the story goes live, I’ll be sure to share it with my [if you have a large following, call out those numbers here] social media followers and email subscribers.

I prefer to be mentioned as [name, title, company] and the URL to the website/shop is [link here]. My social media handles are [Facebook, Twitter, Insta, LinkedIn] in case you want to tag me/us when the article goes live.

My Press Kit with high resolution photos, ready for use is available on PressCookie here:

{Add your PressCookie Press Kit link here}

Thank you,
[Your name here]

Have you been featured?

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