How we help Brands

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How we help & empower you

Join us via one of our subscription packages and we will help get more exposure for your brand and your products, and find & connect to your audience more easily. How?

  • Build a Professional Online Press Kit

    To introduce your beautiful brand & products to the media

  • Access to the Cookie Lounge

    Filled with Tips and Tricks to help you to build a great Press Kit, Pitch to the Press Members and make most of your well earned Press Coverage

  • Discount on our Once-Off Prodcuts

    Depending on the subscription package you choose, you will receive automatic discount on our once-off products eg. interviews/press releases etc.

  • Access to the Collaboration Requests

    One of the quickest ways to grow your creative business: collaborating with another fitting (but non-competing) brands. So that you can build your network and collaborate with like-minded creatives.

  • Access to the Press Requests

    Letting you in on the secret of what the Press Members are working on right now.

  • Chance to be featured on PressCookie

    We will also be featuring brands and products on our Trends & Favourites page, which we will also share on our social media.

  • One Month Free Trial

    Not happy? No obligations.

Genuinely, thanks, it's exactly what I need to tick off the jobs I want to achieve for my little brand

“I'm so impressed with the great resources you have on PressCookie, it's that kind of 'template help' that totally speaks to me.”
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