I got featured, what now?

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Firstly, let’s do a happy dance. Because you got featured, and that is super-awesome-sauce! 

We are super stoked for you. Your hard work is paying off, now let’s amplify your feature and make the most of it. 

Below you can find a step-by-step guideline on how to make the most of your feature and how to make it part of your brand’s story. Remember that this is a guideline, there are no ‘wrongs’ or ‘rights’ on how to do this. We just want you to enjoy your feature for a long time to come. 

How to add social proof (or as we like to call it ‘press feature bling’) to your website and social media:  

1. Gather/Collect

• If your feature has been on-line, grab the url/the website page link and take a screenshot of your feature. 

• If your feature has been in a printed magazine, take a beautiful photograph of the magazine. You can also try and see if they have a digital version for you.

• Collect the social media @tags for all people involved. (For example: @Journalist, @Presscookie (Instagram), @press_cookie (Twitter), @Photographer, @Stylist etc).

• Download the logo of the publishing outlet (some blogs have specific – featured badges that you can use). If it was a press release you might have various logos, gather them all.

• Say thank you to the press member who has been so awesome to feature you. You never know, maybe they’ll want to feature you in the future!

2. Make

• Create one or more beautiful images from your photograph or screenshot.

• Think of which social media platforms you want to post these images. Add some of your branding colors. You can get totally creative here! 

• Don’t forget to use the logos, they make your brand look all the more pro

• Active on several social media platforms? Make/adjust your images to the correct format so that your image will look beautiful and professional wherever you post.

• Create a captivating collage with all the logos from your press release(s) for your website. 

3. Spread the News

You’re ready to spread the amazing news that you’ve been featured! Don’t forget to provide the url /link back to your feature. Below are some ideas where you can announce the awesome news, use some or all of them!

• Add the link your PressCookie Press Kit (under Features). You might arouse interest from other press members by showing off you’ve been featured already (everyone wants a bite of that interesting cookie!)

Send an email to ‘featured@presscookie.com’ to inform the PressCookie team. You might get featured in our weekly newsletter, or get interviewed for our blog.

• Do you have your own newsletter? Your readers would love to see that you have been featured, so write about it!

• Post on your Instagram (feed and story!) about your feature and tag all the people involved.

• Post on Pinterest and link to the feature.

• Post a Facebook Post and tag all the people involved.

• Post it on your LinkedIn page (also add it to your Profile)

• If you have a website, create a special Press Page where you can gather and show off all your features!

• Tweet your link and image and remember to tag all the people involved, they will surely appreciate and might re-tweet as well.

• Get your friends & family and followers to share and comment and like, to give your posts some extra traction/interaction.

• Add the link to your email signature

4. Tips

Real-life examples to get you inspired:

Your product featured in an online outlet or printed magazine:

 Insert the image or the collage that you created of the feature into your Press Page and link the image to the online feature. 

Your product or story featured on a blog:

Insert the logo image or featured badge into your press page and link the image to the blog post. Again make sure that you take a screenshot and save it as a PDF, sometimes blogs shut down and then your feature links disappear.

A press release featured in a media outlet or newspaper

Insert the logo image or badge into your Press Page on your website and link the image to the online story. Make sure to take and a screenshot of your feature for incase the story disappears in a year or two… yes, it happens and we have learned the hard way! Find the PressCookie Badges here.

Add the featured outlets logos to your shop banner / facebook / twitter coverpage or in the footer of your website:

Now that you’ve got a taste of being featured, you’ll probably want more features, yes? You’ve rightfully earned your media spotlight and this is when you want to keep the momentum going! 

Here’s are some tips and ideas for your next steps:


See if and how you can collaborate with another featured Presscookie member. Now that you are both on the rise, you can create a stellar giveaway, or talk about each other in your newsletter (cross-promotion) so that you both reach a new audience.


Don’t rely solely on press requests or collaboration requests. A new product line launching soon? Or something else buzzworthy like the launch of your website? This is a great opportunity to write your story. You can take charge and write an Interview or Press Release yourself! 


The more often you get featured, the more ‘press feature bling’ you can collect, and the bigger your brand will grow! Show off all your features by creating a gorgeous collage on your homepage, so that everyone can see where you’ve been featured! Or even create a press page on your website. (don’t forget to check the links every so often, to see if they are still active. Sometimes online magazines will delete the link. Link deleted? No worries, you’ve got your gorgeous image/screen shot in your archives, so you can link to that!)


Keep checking back at PressCookie.com often to see what press members are asking for and reply when you think you (or your products) are a match – remember that the Press Members are mostly under time stress, so the sooner they hear from you the better.

Keep your PressCookie Press Kit fresh and updated with your newest and most trendy creations to entice our Press Members.

You might have been featured and don’t even know about it – yes it happens! Google your brand every few months. If you have a website, check your stats to see from which other sites you are receiving hits.

If you have an Etsy Shop – Go to Dashboard >> Stats>> How visitors found you>> Direct and other Trafic>> Traffic Details>> Trafic Source Breakdown 

Here you can see that this Etsy shop was featured on the Swiss online magazine Femelle.ch as well as The Knot etc. Now, go to these websites and search them until you find your feature.


Have you been featured?

We would love to celebrate with you and share your success via our channels. Remember to send us a link to the press feature at featured@presscookie.com 

and/or tag us on twitter @press_cookie | facebook @presscookie | Instagram @presscookie