Start building

your beautiful new Press Kit

To edit your Press Kit, go to:

> My Profile > My Press Kit in the Menu

> Click on the  ‘settings’ icon on the top right of your Press Kit Profile to edit

> Click on the ‘checkmark‘ icon to save your changes

Only the fields that you fill in will show on your Press Kit. If you don’t have a YouTube channel, don’t worry, you can leave it empty.

Remember to “save” as you go along. To view the ‘front’ of your Press Kit, simply click the check mark in the upper right corner to Save. After checking, click the edit icon to continue.

1. Upload your profile image

  • Image Size: 500px x 500px
  • Click on the camera icon and upload your brand logo image
  • Center your image with the cropping feature if necessary

2. Fill in your details

  • Country – where you are located
  • Category – what are you selling?
  • Biography – a short introduction to your brand
  • Your website/webshop URL
  • Media Contact – If you are a solo-entrepreneur, this is you
  • Social Media Links – Fill in the ones you have

3. Upload Brand Images

Your bonus section: so Press Members can instantly download your high-resolution Logo and About/Headshot image/s:

  • We highly suggest you name your images – with your Brand Name and Captions before uploading eg. MatchSetLove-car-wedding-sticker.jpeg (this will make things much easier for our Press Members)
  • Upload your Brand Logo – Max Size 5MB | Files permitted: JPG, JPEG, PNG | Preferable your logo should be on a see-through background for easy use (PNG file)
  • Upload your Headshot/ABout Image – Max Size 5MB | Files permitted: JPG, JPEG, PNG
  • Steps: Upload >> Click Apply

Below each image upload button, there is a caption box – here you can name your photo and give more details. eg. If you want to credit your Photographer or Stylist | 120 characters permitted per caption 

Press Kit Brand Images

What is a high-resolution image?

This is an image with at least 300dpi and can be used for print media, an image can easily be scaled down for on-line use, however, a low-resolution image (72dpi) can’t be sized up without losing quality.

PressCookie product images MSL

4. Upload Product Images

Depending on your subscription package you will be able to upload a specific amount of product images, eg. 10|20|50

These images should be High-Resolution so that they can be used in Print Media. You may upload lifestyle images of your products, however, remember that magazines are mostly looking for cut-out product images on a white background.

  • Upload your Product Images – Max Size 5MB per image | Files permitted: JPG, JPEG, PNG 
  • Caption your Product Images
cut out image presscookie

Tip: If you have square, vertical and horizontal images, upload them 3 in a row. 

<< Sample on the left has three square and three horizontal images to create a neat looking profile  as well as a mix of  lifestyle and product images

5. Link Options

This is the space where you can link your interviews, press releases and future features that have been published via PressCookie. In the first box, type the name of your Interview, Press Release or Interview. In the second box (below the Caption) – paste the URL of the corresponding page.

media links


6. Brand Keywords

Press Members can search our site via ‘brand keywords’. Make your Press Kit found by adding your brand appropriate keywords to this section. Simply click in the little box and a drop-down menu with choices will appear. If you have other keywords for your products, simply type in suitable words.

Brand Keywords
We suggest

To regularly update your Press Kit with your newest product images and/or collection images to entice our Press Members.