Press Request Examples

Example Press Requests, and what to include in your Press Request

  • Simply copy and paste the most fitting request and update the non-applicable information
  • Then paste this into the Press Request Submission

You are looking for: Images only

For an upcoming article on [], we are getting our readers ready & inspired for [Summer]. Do you have a [fun summer-related product] for this theme? Let us know! We prefer cut-out images on white background however, we do understand that some products do look better in a lifestyle setting. You can view our [Trends & Favourite articles] here:


Product Images & links only – no actual products required.
Thank you!

You are looking for: A ''quote" + image

For [a Tips & Strategies article], we would love to share [tips to #worksmarternotharder] amongst our community of creative entrepreneurs. When you share your tip you’ll be featured on our website and social media.

Have a look at our previous [top tip] article here:


[Do you have a great tip that you’d like to share? Send your tip, your logo & a picture to
Ideas for pictures: behind-the-scenes or selfie/headshot.]

You are looking for: A collaboration with a brand

Hello everyone! I am [Tom, father of Vic, a little boy of 2,5 years old]. I’m looking for products [to entertain my little boy with]. For example: [toys, games, dress-up clothes or DIY]. In return for a free product, I will [write a blog post (review) and share and tag you on an Instagram post and a story (multiple blocks)]. I am open to ideas.

My Instagram is:
[@xxxxxxxx – over 3k active followers], and my blog is [].

My audience is [80% female (most of all mothers en families) with children].

I am open to ideas! If you’d like to collaborate with me or need more information, please contact me at: [email address here]

Kind regards!

You are looking to: Interview a brand / creative entrepreneur

Hello, [Liz] here from [Amazing Creative Blog/Magazine]. Our blog/magazine is focused on [crafters with a special eye for detail].

Once a month we feature a [crafter/handmade business/creative artisan who turned their passion/hobby into a business].  For each interview, we will [ask the chosen Brand to answer 5 questions and supply us with 8 (high resolution) images to go with the (high resolution) interview].

No actual product required | We will need one of your products to take our own photographs of it – this product will | will not be returned to you (but go to a giveaway to our readers).  If you think that your brand might be a match please send me an email, with your PressCookie PressKit Link for a first glance and introduction.

You can view one of our interviews here to get a feel for what we do: []

[Amazing Creative Blog/Magazine] reaches [4.5 million crafters every month]

Thank you!

What your final Press Request will look like to our makers/brands:

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