Romantic Wedding Proposal Idea Collection


What Inspired this New Collection?

Our very popular Wedding Car Stickers inspired this New Collection of Three Marriage Proposal Stickers. I was wondering about how these decals could be used for a step before the Wedding and this is when this cool engagement idea popped up!

What could be more romantic than a scenic drive & romantic picnic in a gorgeous old-timer with one of our custom designer stickers doing the hard work for you? A creative and original idea to help you ask the big question. These stickers leave no residue when removed and are thus perfect to use on your own or on a rented vehicle. 

What is your favourite item from this Collection?

I like the fun word-play in the “Miss … will you become my Mrs?” sticker. 

Important information about this Collection:

After ordering this ‘marriage proposal’ car window sticker, you will receive five fonts options to choose from by email before the sticker is made. Most customers order these window stickers in White however we have 26 other Colours available as well.

You can find more details about this Collection below the images

Collection Price Range:


You can find more details about this New Collection below these images

Collection Launch Date:

14 February 2022

Image Credit: | Photography: Sjanine Photography