Simple Rules for Press Members

Our house rules so that we can have great collaborations #winwin

After registering you will be linked to our Press Member Lounge from where you will be able to send Press Requests  to our Clients via the Website requesting further information and relevant content in relation to articles that you may be researching and/or writing; 

Please note that PressCookie reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject or deny any submitted queries. For your convenience you can read our full Terms and Conditions here.

We give you, our Press members an irrevocable, perpetual non-exclusive licence to enjoy the Client Material in accordance with the services provided to them by PressCookie.

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Here are our simple rules for Press Members:

• You must be a journalist, blogger, influencer or content creator.

If you download and use any of our clients images please credit them accordingly and let them know where and when they would be published (this makes their/our world go round)

Media professionals are encouraged to perform additional due diligence prior to pitching

You will only use the Client Material and Services for journalistic purposes (which, for the avoidance of doubt, includes hard copy print publication, online publication, blogging, vlogging and social media posts and shares), and you will not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of any Client by using the Client Material in any other way other than in accordance with these rules;

You will not use the Client Content and Services in any way which may prejudice or diminish PressCookie’s or the Client’s reputation or business;

When providing us with information when using the Services, such information (including details of where your work is or will be published) is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge and belief;

You will provide full and correct captions to accompany the Client Content and attribute the Client Content accordingly;

You will not modify, amend, alter to change any aspect of the Client Material and you acknowledge that we are supplying the Client Material to you on the same basis as the Client is providing it to us, although you may crop the images for journalistic purposes providing the Client Content does not become or give access to Unacceptable Content;

You will not use the Client Material and Services in association or connection with Unacceptable Content, nor will you publish any content on the Website which is or gives access to Unacceptable Content

PressCookie may suspend or terminate your use of the Services immediately if they discover or reasonably suspect that you have breached any of these warranties or any other terms of these Terms and Conditions

You will indemnify and keep PressCookie indemnified against any Liabilities incurred directly or indirectly related to or resulting from: (i) your use of the Client Material (including any of the Client’s Intellectual Property Rights contained therein),


Be amazing to our amazing, creative clients – we are so happy that you are here to help them help you