Sustainable living that’s hip, not hippie

Interview with Wendy from the blog ‘Moral Fibres’

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Wendy, the writer and creative spirit behind the blog Moral Fibres, wouldn’t describe herself as super green – just someone who tries their best. On her blog you can find all sorts of easy hints and tips for living a greener life that won’t compromise your sense of style.

8 years after the start of her blog, it’s evident that sustainable living more on peoples’ mind than ever before. Today we spoke to Wendy about her blogging process, what topics and brands she writes about and her future dreams for her blog!

Tell us a bit about your blog Moral Fibres?

Moral Fibres is a green lifestyle blog, full of easy hints and tips and guides for living a greener life. I cover all sorts of topics related to green living, such as ethical fashion, green cleaning, eco-friendly health and beauty, and more. I started the blog back in 2013. I hadn’t set out to start a blog. I had just been looking for green blogs to read and at the time most of the eco blogs that I found catered to a very particular image that didn’t really reflect my life. I decided that as I couldn’t find what I was looking for, that I would start a blog that appealed to a wider audience, and so Moral Fibres was born.

You share a variety of content on your blog. From recipes to product roundups, what inspires you to share what you share?

Moral Fibres is a bit of a mix. I mostly seek to solve reader’s eco problems, and also educate on wider environmental issues, such as the problems with biodegradable plastics. I do also enjoy sharing my green cleaning recipes and seasonal recipes. In terms of inspiration, it’s all mostly down to my readers. I try to write about the things they want to know, or the things I think they would like to know about, like plastic in sunscreen. I’m also always happy to receive an email or a message from a reader telling me what they are keen to see on the blog – it helps make the site what it is.

When you’re writing a blog post containing products, what is your work process?

When it comes to blog post inspiration, as I mentioned, for the most part, I am trying to solve problems that readers have, so I turn to emails I receive from readers. I keep a list of topics they’ve asked me about, and put together posts on the common themes, such as where to buy ethical trainers.
I then spend time researching brands to ensure the ethics and ethos of the brands that I plan to feature fits with the blog. This process normally takes the longest, as I like to be thorough. I’ll then gather imagery. I am working towards partnering with a professional photographer, but for now, I do tend to use brand imagery. I prefer lifestyle images as these work well on social media and on the blog.

I then start writing the blog post. By this point, I have an idea of how the post will look in my head, and the topics I want to cover, so this process flows quite naturally some of the time (not all of the time!).

In terms of monetisation, I do use affiliate links where I can as income from these links help cover costs associated with blogging, without having to rely on sponsored content all of the time. If a brand doesn’t have an affiliate scheme in place, I will look to which other retailers I work with on an affiliate basis that may carry their products.

I don’t tend to feature brands that just have one or two ‘eco-friendly’ products in their range, whilst the rest of their range is not particularly eco-friendly. Instead I look for brands that consider every aspect of sustainability. From who makes their products and how well they are paid and treated, to how they are made, what the products are made of, and what the products are packaged in and shipped in. I like to know I’m featuring brands that are the real-deal and not those who are merely paying lip service to sustainability.

What should brands keep in mind when considering working with a Blogger or Influencer?

I would always say that when asking bloggers, or Instagram, or YouTube content creators for coverage, it’s important to set a budget for this.  Asking people to work to advertise your brand, without offering monetary compensation, suppresses wages across the industry, and has been proven to particularly harm Influencers of colour.

What kind of trends do you see coming up concerning sustainability that truly excite you?

It’s not a trend, but I am excited to see that people are realising that individual actions aren’t enough to help combat climate change. When 100 corporations cause 71% of emissions it’s clear we can’t shop our way to sustainability by buying a wooden toothbrush – conscious consumerism has to be paired with activism. Whether it’s lobbying the government,  taking part in marches, writing to brands asking who made their clothes, or asking them to pay up for cancelled orders, there’s more to sustainability than just where you shop.


What are your future dreams for Moral Fibres?

Moral Fibres is a one-woman operation that I work on when I’m not at work in my day job, and not looking after my kids. My youngest daughter starts school this year, and whilst I’m both sad and excited that she’s starting school, I’m looking forward to hopefully be able to blog more than I’m currently able to (currently one day a week). I would also really love to get to a point with the blog financially where I can work with a professional photographer and to be able to hire contributing writers to be able to feature more diverse voices and lived experiences. I’m not quite there yet, but it is something that I am actively working towards.

Moral Fibres 1000x

Wendy also published a book on natural cleaning called Fresh Clean Home. Want to know more? Click here.


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