Creative Entrepreneurs share their perspective

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Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference, a tweak here, a nudge there, or a complete light bulb moment! We asked some of our favourite brands what their top tips are for working smarter and not harder!

What is your top tip to work smarter and not harder as a creative entrepreneur?

Try to minimise the time you spend ‘putting out fires’ (those important jobs that pop up that are urgent and need to be dealt with immediately using all of your time and energy) by planning ahead as much as you can. Plan projected sales numbers using past years to estimate and get the stock you need in place ready before any sales peaks come (for me these are gift occasions), make sure you’re only making to order for items that don’t take too much time. Underestimating the time and focus you need to market effectively, complete admin and spend on customer service will stop your brand from growing, you’ll just stay the same size and feel stressed from always playing catch up - these are things I am working on myself, believe me, this advice comes from experience ; )
My top tip to other creative entrepreneurs would be to listen to their customers. In my experience, if one customer requests a specific design there will definitely be other customers who would love that product too. So introduce these custom designs to your next collection or online shop and be amazed....
My life has been so much easier because of my 'swipe files'; a collection of pre-written texts that I often use. For example to answer frequently asked questions or other messages I often write to my customers. Of course, I do personalize my messages, but it saves me a lot of time not having to write out the whole text over and over every time.
My tip towards creators would be to never make a product you wouldn't love to use yourself. You're the very first tester and if a product isn't good enough for you to use, then it shouldn't even get past that stage. Love the things you do if you want others to love them too!
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