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Creative Entrepreneurs share their perspective

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With over 1,000 sales and over 220 raving reviews in her Etsy shop Pure Prana Label, designer Cindy has accumulated lots of experience ánd knowledge about what it means to be a creative entrepreneur. Today she shares her tips on what works for her, and advice on what you can do to grow and expand your creative business.

GUEST POST BY: Cindy Van den Heuvel

Creative’s want to create

We want to manifest our ideas and thoughts, that´s mostly why we want to own a business and can’t find our way in regular jobs. But just like anyone else, there is a limit to our energy and manifesting our ideas is time-consuming; it requires failures, flexibility, a lot of marketing and.. all of our focus. The result is this amazing feeling of putting your product out there, launching it, and feeling the contentment of a project that succeeded.

All this time and energy you put into it can’t always be calculated through in the price of the project or item, though.

A common mistake creative entrepreneurs make

Although customers dó understand that a handmade item requires more processing time, they still don’t really understand what the process is all about. For them, it’s the making of their order. They have no idea, that this might actually be the smallest part of the complete process and that all your energy and time, which came way before their order, needs to be calculated within a price as well. They have no clue how much this manifestation of a product asks from your time and actually your life. One rarely does.

And although this ís what we love most, the manifestation of an idea, when running a business it isn’t smart to constantly reinvent the wheel. It will burn you out in the long run.

Tips from Cindy


1. Realize you already have and know a lot

Work with what you have, the materials you have in front of you, but also the information that you collect.

The customer tells you a story. What are your bestsellers and what máke them bestsellers? What do your reviews say? Do you have certain points your business can improve on? Or do you have unique selling points other businesses don’t have?

2. Work on, and expand your best selling products

What is the trend in your shop? What colours are ordered, which prints or designs? Work on those. If you have one bestseller in grey, and you also sell a lot of black, you might be able to easily create that item in black as well, creating two bestsellers for your shop. That best selling product… can you alter it a little? When people enjoy your botanical print of eucalyptus, they will probably enjoy that print in a wall decal  or tote bag as well, depending on what your niche is.

Pro Tip: Do you have a neutral colored bestseller, offer them in more neutral colors..!


3. Don't be afraid to 'say goodbye'

Which items don’t sell? They distract your focus and that of the customer as well ánd bring your overall collection down. Get them out, so that in the end your shop is running on only bestselling items, that need little to no attention and don’t ask a lot of your time and energy, because in the end you exactly know how to create them,  without too much thought.

Saying goodbye once in a while, will free time and energy to work on future projects that need some extra focus.

4. Be mindful about your decisions

Listen to the customer, not so much to your desire for constant new creations, while building your brand. Go with the existing flow. This way you will set up an income out of your older manifested ideas, making space for the energy and time you’ll need for your desire to create future projects.

cindy rond

Guest Author: Cindy van den Heuvel

Pure Prana Label – 100% linen meditation cushions, EU made, slow living.

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