What is a Press Kit?

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...and how can it help you grow your business?

How amazing would it be for your brand to get featured in a major publication?

Imagine the largest magazine in your industry or even a local news affiliate giving you free press. Now imagine the kind of exposure and traffic this would bring to your business.

But… being discovered by the press and receiving press coverage is not something that happens overnight. Generating publicity requires planning, consistent outreach, follow-up, and dedication. 

Before beginning any press outreach, an excellent starting point for your media relations strategy is creating an Online Press Kit.

What is a Press Kit?

A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a bundle of information and promotional material provided to members of the press to brief them about a product, service, or business. The best press kits make it really easy for reporters to quickly learn about the product and brand, and access photos and marketing materials they can use.

What should a Press Kit include?

Press kits can vary in size, depending on your business, your products and/or your target market. Below you can find a short list of what a Press Kit usually consists of (we’ll get back to each point and discuss it further in detail later):

  • Company details
  • High-Resolution images
  • Social media links
  • Website / Webshop link
  • Other press related content
  • Links to press releases & features etc.

How will a Press Kit help me grow my business?

Every brand loves getting featured by the press. You will too. Why?

  1. The established media has a much greater reach than you – your products are shown to A LOT more people in one media feature than you can reach via your own marketing efforts efforts. The result? More brand awareness for you, and more traffic to your shop.
  2. Getting mentioned by established media allows you to borrow the trust of those publications. It gives your brand ‘social proof’. Your brand will immediately look more professional when you place media logos on your website. 

But… press members are often busy, juggling several deadlines. By providing (a link to) your Press Kit with all the necessary information and content about your brand you are instantly making it easier for websites, magazines and publishers to publish a story about your business. You’re essentially saying, “We love press. We are a professional and well prepared brand. Here’s everything you need to put your story together as well as how to reach us.”

So when you’re reaching out to publications, you’ll have your press kit to refer to and share with reporters. When you do some of the work for reporters up front, they’ll be more receptive to your pitch for press. 

So what about the Press Kit content?

Let’s have a closer look at the elements of your Press Kit:

Company details:
Vital facts about your company that might be of interest to the press. Think of the country your based in and contact details. Often this part also includes a company bio where press members can quickly grasp what your business is about, what products you sell, your company’s beginnings or where your business is headed.

High-Resolution images:
Your logo, brand images and product images that are high quality and high-resolution. Often press members are looking for product images with a transparent background so that they are easy to use for nearly any purpose, including prints. Again, by making sure your brands’ high-res images are easily and instantly accessible via your Press Kit, you are saving press members time and increase the likelihood of being featured.

Social media links:
If you are active on social media channels, list them here. After viewing your Press Kit, Press members that are interested in featuring you, can browse you social media to get a better idea of your branding and/or brand identity.

Website / Webshop link:
Again, press members that are interested in featuring you, might want to get know you better by browsing your website or webshop.

Other Press Related Content:
Think of press releases, other press coverage and or quotes.

A press release is an official and compelling news story about your business. Find actual Press Releases here.

Other press coverage are past media features of your business, either by PDF or link. These might include blog posts, interviews, magazine articles, articles on other websites, etc. This might inspire press members interested in featuring you. Always update this content to the most recent and relevant articles.

Quotes or quotations from you or from your customers (reviews/testimonials) is an easy way for press members to include a personal touch to a feature.

Since it’s not always easy for creatives to tell about your business and to share your story, PressCookie has created a new fun way to do this: Interviews. With a PressCookie interview, we help you easily create your story that you would like to share with the world!

How to distribute your Press Kit

After building your press kit, you need to find a way to distribute it to press members. 

Digital press kits are the best way to create and distribute business information because they’re convenient and cost-effective. When you pitch to media, we recommend adding a “Press Kit” link to your your email that directs readers to your online Press Kit. All that is left, is to find the press members that might be interested in sharing your story to the world. 

Bottom line

Creating a professional looking press kit is an essential part of your media marketing strategy. At PressCookie we help you create your online Press Kit, help you find press members, and help press members find you. 

Are you ready to be featured by the media and grow your business today? If you want to create a professional, easy to access package to hand to the press, and build your own online Press Kit, then PressCookie is ready to help you. 

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