What is a Press Cookie Interview & how can it help you tell your story

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What is a PressCookie Interview?

A PressCookie Interview is an article published on our site in a question and answer format. You write your own questions ánd answers – based on what story you want to tell about your brand. You’ll receive a list of questions to inspire you, but in the end you are completely in charge of what and how you write – you are the director of your story.

Once you’ve written and submitted your interview, it will appear in beautiful and professional styled layout under Brand Interviews on www.PressCookie.com. You now have a publication url to refer to on your social media, website or webshop, and you can save your interview and share it as an image. 

You’ll also profit from the traffic PressCookie.com generates and as a bonus, we will share your interview via one of our social media channels and with our Press Members.

I have always dreamt about being in a publication, how can a PressCookie interview help my brand?

Yay! This is your chance and first step towards making your dream come true. 

Being published gives credibility and professional flair  to your brand. A feature in a big, established publication is the ultimate seal of approval and confirms to your current customers that they have made the right decision to like/purchase from/follow your brand. By publishing a PressCookie interview, you create a beautiful, shareable story that not only looks highly professional, it might just inspire others to feature you as well.

Let’s make your dreams come true!

What can I write about?

There are many story angles you can take to highlight different aspects of your brand. Finding three questions per topic is already enough to create a short interview. It is always interesting to read about early beginnings and the dream behind the start-up. How about the solution that your brand is offering to its clients, or the product collection that you are currently working on? Maybe you have adapted your business in times of change? You can even build the interview around one of your products.

Which Interview option is right for me?

That depends on how much information you would like to share in your interview.

Keep it short & sweet with our Short Interview. For this one you only need 3 questions & answers and 1 image. The perfect way to quickly tell your story or share a new product.

The Midi Interview allows 5 questions, answers and 3 images as well as an introduction paragraph. Perfect if you want to show off with more images and content.

Or go full throttle with our Full Interview option. You can share a lot of information with the reader by making use of the introduction paragraph, 8 questions & answers and 5 images. 


What can I do with my interview after it has been published?

  • Show off your hard word by sharing it via your various social media channels so that all your followers can read more about your wonderful work in a professional format.
  • You can share your interview-link in your Press Kit (if you have a subscription with us) or link it to  your own Press Page. Pro tip: Back links are very important for your own website’s seo ranking.

So how do I go about setting up my Interview?

You can choose between 3 interview types; short, midi & full. It all depends on how much information you would like to share with your readers. The longer the interview, the more images you can upload. 

Once you’ve decided which interview is best for you and your story, you can purchase your interview here. After your payment has been completed, you’ll receive access to a special url to submit your interview, together with a step-by-step guide and helpful tips & tricks on writing your best story.

Within 24 hours from hitting the ‘send’ button, PressCookie will publish your interview and send you an email with the interview link, so that you can share your professional looking, captivating interview with all your followers. And who knows, one of our Press Members (journalists, vloggers or bloggers) might just find your interview, and contact you for another feature!

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