How We Help Press Members

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Quickly and Easily:

discover content from unique and handmade businesses

send press requests to our network of creatives so that you can receive fitting pitches for your stories

find creative products in our photo portfolio, that is high-resolution, ready to download and licensed to use so that you can make your deadlines 

access to our creative’s Press Kits so that you can easily connect and access the information required to write your stories 

collaborate with brands for your blog and social channels

receive and peruse targeted press releases (you can choose your interest and location) so that you can be the first to know about exciting collection launches and news to share with your readers

uncover curated, trend related content 

all of these services are free to you because we value what you can do for our creatives immensely

It’s the feeling of appreciation that forms the ultimate icing on this collaboration

I would recommend Presscookie to all artisan artists and writers with a passion for handmade products. It’s a great way to create visibility and awareness and look for collaborations that benefit all involved parties.

Thank you

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